Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I wanna publish zines and rage against machines

More sketch-dumpery, y'all:
Another little preview from my Oni Press talent search pages.

Trying to nail down a style for Delilah.

Connor, Delilah, and Baruccus from Second Witch of Wilheim. The brush pen is a dream for sketching Baruccus, who is just a black silhouette. There's no way to tell what the finished ink will look like when I sketch him with a pencil, but with the brush pen, I can fill in the lines in 10 seconds and see!Sketch shit. The anatomy that St. Tail taught me vs. an actual face, and then more sketches of Connor from SWW.


Guillaume said...

super ces dessins !!

Bren said...

Nice work! Keep it up, you're on fire! :)
Love the new banner, by the way!

Art Fan Ako said...

Keep on going! Use your desire to propel you into action. You're doing great!

Tally said...

Thanks, loves! :>