Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I actually drew this a week ago...I leave tomorrow 8D; SO excited. I could be a little bit unreachable until I get back the first week of November. I will likely have internet, but I don't know how often/for how long. Take care while I'm away!

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And this is from a new short project--The Dream 2, which follows the same trend as The Dream, making a comic out of a real dream I've had. It's a nightmare this time...with creepy foxes. I don't know why the monster was a fox. ;__;

Dream 2: Foxes
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I'm a character again, but I was dressed as a colonial/pioneer woman for the first half of the dream. Halfway through, I turned back into my normal self.

Dream 2: Character Sketches (2/2)
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Dream 2: Character Sketches (1/2)
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Aaaaand chibis. Because they are easy.

Done! Chibi me
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This I drew while watching the presidential debates...with bubbling rage in my veins!

Presidential Debate
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was browsing Periscope Studio's site just now, and saw a link to a review of Aaron McConnell's The United States Constitution (written by Jonathan Hennessey). The site has a video preview of the book that I started watching, and I threw a miniature fit in the middle because SOMETHING I DREW IS ACTUALLY IN IT.

The project is really cool--Jonathan and Aaron set out to embody the spirit (and the facts of course) of the drafting of the Constitution in a graphic novel. The project does a great job of connecting past and present with examples of what bills referred to in the 1800s, the present day, and every time in between. There are great metaphors and symbols in the artwork (I especially like the political figures with representative buildings for their heads). It was very cool to be in the studio while Aaron was working on it.

I helped on a handful of pages when I interned at Periscope this summer, and one particularly memorable page involved intricate pipework symbolizing the route a bill takes from one legislative body to another. Aaron let me do whatever I felt like on the actual penciling and inking of the pipes, and I was extremely the point that it took 2 days to finish the panel!! xD I got teased for that...But hey, it looks pretty good edited and colored in that half second clip! WORTHWHILE. 8D

Omgsh way too excited about that. (It's at second 15~ 8D)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pirate vs. Ninja!

Pi Phi had its fall dance this weekend. The theme was 'Pirates', but there were a lot of creative spin-off costumes including a Peter Pan/crocodile/pixie group, zombies ala Pirates of the Caribbean, and internet hackers. I'm so glad I'm in a house with personality <3

I couldn't sleep after the dance, though, and got up at 5 in the morning on Sunday. I didn't know what to do, so I just started redoing Random Production, and decided to give it another total makeover. I still use NetObjects Fusion 8, and man, is it time for that program to get the boot. I hope I get some software for Christmas this year, mmm...

Going to London on Thursday to visit 2 of my best friends Mary and Molly. I'm pretty much just taking a week off of school. So worth it to see them. And surprisingly, all of my professors have been not just alright with it, but excited for me to go! 0___o Uhhh, thanks! I'll be back in the first week of November with pictures and stories. I also have a lot of art to scan when I get a chance to go to the library for a while...I'll upload that ASAP.

Pirate vs. Ninja (1/4)
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Pirate vs. Ninja (2/4)
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Pirate vs. Ninja (4/4)
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh hai

Hey all, this is Tally, writing for the first time on my new Blogger account! Whoo!! Welcome!

I've changed my homepage a lot over the years, and keep trying to find better ways to display my art and communicate with readers and friends. There's a lot of awkward crossover on my site now, and confusion over what goes where. I'm going to reconfigure a few things this year, and I think I want to start blogging here for RP instead of on Livejournal, where Tally_art has been this year with little readership. It's an exciting idea to have a friends-only journal with inside looks at secret art projects, but there are things I want to just tell everyone as well, and I want some way to feed the whole journal onto my homepage. I'm going to be trying to figure all of that out from Blogger.

Squidly Squid
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