Monday, July 27, 2009

And these wars, they can never be won

Hey all! I'm back from Comic-Con, and there will be a series of posts all about that, but for now I have a music-related post:

I just heard 'United States of Eurasia' off of Muse's upcoming album ('The Resistance'), and it is fantastic. I love this band so much, it's a thrill to hear some new music from them. They may go a little heavy on the Queen around 1:24, but I am excited for the promised new influences on this album, whatever they may be.
Have a taste (video is fan-made):

In other news, Portland's own 94.7 fm has a program called Perfect Playlist every workday at 5pm, where a single listener gets to cue up their personal playlist of 5 songs, and has the option to come to the station and talk to the host, Gustav, between songs. I sent mine in last week, and got a reply saying that mine may go on the air sometime soon! I would be so excited. Anyway, if that happens I'll definitely link you to their site, where you can stream the program. :)


Jamie S. Rich said...

Ooooh, hadn't heard that yet myself. Thanks for the link.

Glad you made it back. That evacuation was crazy. That's when we saw you in the crowd, but getting to you would have been tough.

Guillaume said...

muse !!! moi aussi j'en parle sur mon blog ^^

Tally said...

Jamie, 94/7 says they will play a second new Muse song this Monday...I'll be out of town, but check it out for me!

Jamie S. Rich said...

Darling, I'm not sure you're willing to pay the price it would cost for me to listen to 94.7.


Tally said...

Hahaha. How much could your pride really be worth?