Monday, January 30, 2012

Coming through the trees

My Etsy shop is off of vacation mode! I've listed all of the minicomics I have in stock, as well as a Between Gears original page:

That's the sound of the beast

Fan art for Attack of the Block, one of my favorite movies of 2011 (along with Super 8, Hanna, and Bridesmaids). Moses! Moses! Moses! Moses!


Here is a list of everything currently for sale.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Astrid Get Your Gun

New fan art for Fringe, inspired by an interview with Jasika Nicole in which she expressed her #1 wish for season 4: Astrid having and firing a gun! (I can't find the video now, but this interview expresses a similar wish.)
I want this, too! Make it so! It's been nagging at me since season 2 that we almost never see Astrid out of the lab, let alone in action-action.
In any case, the description for the Astrid-centric episode, Making Angels (Feb 3), sounds really promising. Can't wait!

E-mail me to buy the original ($75 + $10 postage US or $15 international.). 9"x12" on nice Bristol.

Here is a list of everything currently for sale.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Face au destin qui nous désarme

Update: photo ninja Erika Moen snapped this pic of the cards in progress!

Here are 3 card designs I made for friends this Christmas:

Paper crafts are just NOT my forte, but I had a lot of fun with these, and these friends are so dear that I knew they wouldn't mock me ;)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'll stick around and learn from all that came from it

Happy New Year! It's time for my annual year-in-review post! (2010) (2009)

(Drawing in the Stumptown Comics Fest Comic Art Battle! A goal and fear of mine for years, CONQUERED in 2011!)

Goals I set for 2011 and how I fared:

1) Stay financially independent -- Yes!
2) Stay ahead of my deadlines on my big projects -- Ehh...I did my best. I blew several deadlines while I was still drawing the children's books and Between Gears, but I finished my Oni book early and believe I can catch up on my other book and hit our original Final Deadline.
3) Have great shows at ECCC and Stumptown -- Yes.
4) Study French with Mom -- Oui.
5) Stay healthy -- Up and down. I need to renew this vow.
6) Pitch *** and *** (and hooooopefully get one approved!) -- Pitched one, and it was approved!
7) Finish Between Gears... (-- Yes) ....and 1-2 more chapters of Over the Surface -- No.

2011 was a good year. I joined Periscope Studio. I celebrated making it through Year One of my freelance/financially-independent lifestyle. I got a taste of storyboarding and lucrative freelance work. I had lots of fun at ECCC and Stumptown, although it was a lean year for comic conventions. I read my comics out loud at Comics Underground. I finished 2 graphic novels for big comic publishers, and 4 children's books with my dad. I worked really, really hard, and I should see a lot of the payoff from that work in 2012. By my count, I drew 292+ comic pages (82 Between Gears, 70 WUIY, 140 ABAAG).

2012 goals:

1) Be more proactive about getting work. Go after what I want, versus sifting through what comes my way. (To help quantify that: check job listings at ***** and ***** every week and send a pitch or letter of introduction to ***** ******.)
2) Also, be good about saying NO. It's been hard to learn this, because the freelance lifestyle and money stress/uncertainty can make artists job hoarders, but a lot of jobs aren't worth my time, and I can afford to be picky. I need to prioritize the things I really want to do.
3) Keep up karate and French. Get my green belt and plan my 2013 France trip.
4) Draw Over the Surface 1 start to finish! :D Script book 2.
5) Get Adobe Flash and a subscription, and make 3 minutes' worth of practice animations by the end of the year.
6) Be active and creative about marketing Between Gears and my other two books when the time comes.

I plan for the worst and hope for the best. This year could be really lean for me. It could be a breakthrough year. I'll just do my best and see.