Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Video Blog...1? ...Possibly the only one???

So yes. What she said. OTL;;

I made a lot of progress on the project yesterday; thumbnails are almost done!!! Paper is cut and ruled, and 50% of the borders are drawn. Next, I'll ink speech balloons, look up reference photos for buildings and such, and then it's time to pencil! It will be a productive Thanksgiving break. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who observe it! :D Have a great long weekend in any case!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to a normal level of dysfunction

Hmmm...well, the laptop is "fixed", but there are still a lot of strange problems. It turns on now, which is good, the CPU usage is down to normal, and Antivirus is gone...but there are a lot of files deleted or in the wrong place. Even though my dad and I ended up going with a system restore, the only program that is completely working with no oddities is Firefox, which I reinstalled after the restore. :(
No Photoshop, Comicworks, or Paint Shop, until I can solve the errors or reinstall the programs. I might try toning Out of Place on the library computers, which have Photoshop, since I probably won't be able to on my computer until winter break.

In happy news, I'm taking my freshman interest group to see Happy-Go-Lucky at the local indie movie theater on Friday! I'm so excited. I heard it was right up my alley. Also, the honors college arts journal team meets on Thursday, and I'm excited to see what our editor in chief Amelie has planned. I want to see what it's like designing a book, working with a team to establish a selection of works, and putting them into a meaningful order. Amelie wants someone to submit LOLcats-inspired art to the journal, and I think it'd be a riot to caption Facebook photos, so I'm down to try.

I'm taking an honors college elective on Virginia Woolf, and the professor is letting me make a short comic for the final project! How cool is that? I'm very grateful, given the mountain of writing and group projects my other professors want out of me. The story will be a derivative of A Room of One's Own, the way that The Hours is a derivative of Mrs. Dalloway. I'm setting it in the present day, where two women (who are both reading AROO) discuss the choices, needs, and responsibilities that female creatives have today. I'm really hoping to finish it without rushing, so I can use it as a portfolio piece after the class, but it will be a crunch to finish in time.

Art next time, I promise. I am drawing, but not having image editing on my computer is throwing me off.

Monday, November 10, 2008

OOP 6.20 preview

OOP 6.20 preview
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Since the laptop's still out, I figure the best thing to do is get ahead on my penciling and inking. Here's Out of Place chapter 6 page 20, the next page in the story. Inked with pen and nib for a change, which I far prefer to microns when I have the time and patience for it. :P

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nice Hat

Nice Hat
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Penciled this yesterday, inked it this morning. I'll color it when my laptop is working again...never never NEVER click on anything that says Antivirus...I got the 2009 edition, and it effectively killed my computer. After hours in the computer help center we finally removed the program, but all of my programs were uninstalled. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK....
On the bright side, I bought an external hard drive in the spring and have been backing up religiously since then. I'm hoping to go home next weekend and get some help from my dad reinstalling everything. Time will tell how much damage was actually done...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photos from London

So! Pictures from London! 8D My camera died at the beach this summer, but Mary and Molly were great about pulling theirs out when something screamed Kodak moment. These are off Facebook, sorry for the quality.

The tube is the best thing ever. I demand one in every city I visit from here on out! My Oyster card is my favorite souvenir, and I really just don't think that taking the bus will be the same after seeing how easy transportation can be. <3

"England expects that every man will do his duty." You can count on every woman, too!


Soho? Some cool, steeped neighborhood behind Oxford St.

Mary got through probably 5 books. I got through one and a half and called myself lucky.

At 'Pasta Hut'...aka the UK's altered Pizza Hut. As our Polish server laughed conspiratorially, "Yeah, it's like they're trying to make it posh here or something." Think sit-down, Italian restaurant with long-stemmed wine glasses. The pizza was definitely good, though!

Mary being cute for an obligatory telephone booth shot.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Back From London

Ahhh, back from England!! Spent 20 hours in transit yesterday, and then 12 hours face down in a pillow. Bliss.

There were many good times had. ...All of my money is gone. I have about 80% of my Christmas presents. And I want this with a fiery passion, but even their online store is out of my size. :,( Mary, Molly, and I left the flat every day somewhere between 1 and 3, took the Tube somewhere busy, and walked around/shopped/took pictures until everything closed (at 5! At 5! What kind of city closes at 5?!). On the very first day, we saw Leicester Sq., Trafalgar Sq., Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and garden, etc. It was really funny. We just followed the crowds and were like, "Umm, is that Big Ben up there...?" Best accidental tour ever. 8 days of that, and still I'm pretty sure we saw a tiny fraction of London. It was awesome--I definitely recommend visiting if you can! It's ancient and cutting-edge at the same time, absolutely flooded with people, and has variety unlike anywhere I've ever been. The tap water's terrible, though.

Oh! Oh! And we were in Leicester Sq. on October 29th for the Quantum of Solace premier. There was a huge display in the square, gigantic band and live singers for the movie's themes. We waited around for a couple of hours, but left before the stars arrived. It was surreal to be leaning on the fence next to the red carpet at all. Here's what it looked like while we were there, and here's what we could have seen if we'd stuck it out in the cold. Daniel is, tastefully, wearing a poppy on his jacket--something that confused us all week (more people on the street were wearing them than not). It's apparently a pin you can buy to support families of troops, and show respect for victims of WW1.

So yes. Amazing trip. Totally worth the money, stress, and missed school. And I actually drew while I was there! Observe:

London Sketch 01
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London Sketch 02
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London Sketch 03
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London Sketch 04
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London Sketch 05
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London Sketch 06
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London Sketch 07
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London Sketch 08
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London Sketch 09
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London Sketch 10
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London Sketch 11
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