Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blog Every Day April: 22

Food is expensive, man! ;__; My parents gave me a $100 per month budget, but there's no way...! I'm not even eating meat or fruit, and it's way past that in only 3 weeks. Dinners alone cost me $60 per month. SIGH. Time for a parent/child contract renegotiation...

I'm editing 2 ideas that I've picked out from the bunch to pitch. Thanks to those who voted in the poll!! I'm developing the adventure and all-ages stories. :) We'll have to see which looks stronger as they near completion. They both have a little magic/fantasy, which I love to draw, and strong characters (imho). I was a little sad to drop another idea I had, but I realized it is just beyond my capabilities at this point, and would be better after I had more experience in long stories.

And I know that everyone and their cat has seen this, but just in case, because we wouldn't want anyone to miss it: ;)


Jamie S. Rich said...


To quote Tim Gunn, "Make it work." Seriously? I'm living on that and I'm older than your parents.

And Susan Boyle? Honey, welcome to last week. OTL, indeed!

Tally said...

Lol, Tim Gunn. <3
Well what are you eating??? I feel like I'm eating cheap foods at every meal and still blowing my budget.

Bren said...

Hey there, Tally!
Thanks for watching my blogger back!
I feel like such an online-stalker, haha!
That Susan Boyle video blew me away, for sure!
I love the goofy grins on Simon's face, they make me laugh so hard!!

Tally said...

Of course! Nah, if you're an online stalker then I'm one too, so let's say we're not! 8D;
Isn't that video fun?? Les Misrable has such incredible music, but so hard to sing...