Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blog Every Day April: 2

It's after midnight, so I'm counting it. I'm still awake, toning 2 of the last 5 pages of A Room of One's Own. The other 3 aren't completely inked; I have daunting library and house interior panels I keep putting off. Someday, someday, I will have drawn so many libraries and house interiors that I will simply decide on a basic layout, glance at my reference, and draw.

I am taking a fencing class this term, and that has thus far proved to be my most interesting course. I took fencing 1 as a freshman, and after a year and a half, you lose a few things! Muscle memory...terminology...QUAD STRENGTH. Sweet Jesus, stop my legs from hurting! Going down stairs should not hurt!! OTL;
I'm a quick learner, and I've taken karate and kickboxing before, so fencing 1 was pretty easy for me. I could beat most anyone in the class in sparring. Now, it's a class full of people at my level, and most are fresh out of another fencing class! I got my ass handed to me today in all 3 matches. :P It's a good situation, though: motivation to improve! I love martial arts. <3

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