Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blog Every Day April: 14

I love this Blog Every Day April thing--thinking up titles is the hardest part of blogging! :P

Loving life in my apartment this term--Emily and Heather are good people, and I missed them in my life. Seeing them every day is hardly often enough. <3 They are both working on their theses (Heather for the honors college and Emily for graduate school), and it's nice to see how they work and handle the stress, so I'll have idea what to expect next year, when I have to write mine. Good news! My HC counselor reassured me today that yes, yes you can make a comic for your thesis, we didn't lie to you the last two times you asked about it. And it doesn't even matter what kind of story it is--I just have to explain the history of comics and how I came to make them. Very reassuring.

I haven't had enough disposable income to really follow fashion trends for a little over a year now, and I'm surprised how easy it was to give up. Vintage stores are awesome! They definitely make it easier to be original. And I don't buy things unless I love them, so I hardly ever feel guilty making that once in a while purchase! My favorite look right now is something along these lines: dress or jeans+t-shirt, boots, a scarf, and a tote. So simple. <3 And each piece works in a dozen other outfits!

One thing I do wish I could afford, though, is a couple nice new pairs of shoes. I really need more flats that I can walk around campus in--my favorite pair is about to get a hole in the bottom!! Jeepers, that ain't classy. I need me a job this summer!

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