Friday, October 30, 2009

One: Cut a hole in the box

I had some extra time tonight, so I made my Halloween costume (I'm going to be the Bad Robot mascot). Observe:

So, seriously, step 1 is cut a hole in the box:

Iz just mai size!

Modifying the form: the bad robot has a little wedge nose, and as hard as I looked, I couldn't find anything this shape. I cut and bent cardboard into a wedge and duct taped it in place, then paper mached over it to make a solid shape.

Paper mache!! Strips of newspaper dipped into the mush (2 parts Elmer's glue, 1 part hot water) and laid to dry on the form.

Other details: cutting ping pong balls in half for the eyes and duct taping magnetic 'bolts' to my shirt.

Then painting:

Finally, assembly! Super glue for the magnet 'bolts', duct tape for the pipe cleaner spring.

And a little sharpie for edge effects.

Eh? Ehh? I have silver pipecleaner in bands around my neck as well, and then a solid skirt and heels. Use your imagination, and...



Guillaume said...


Matt said...

What a creative (and super geeky) costume. Well done!

Bren said...

So cute! :D Nice job!

Tally said...

Thank you!! It was really fun -3-

Terry Blas said...

Haha! Amazing! You must e-mail photos to Abrams. Awesome job Tally.

Mary said...

win at life!!

Tally said...

8-D <3