Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We are widening the corridors and adding more lanes

Recruitment is FINALLY OVER!!!!! We have 45 lovely new members, including 2 of my rush crushes. :) Let the real world resume.

I am eating Marshmallow Magic lately, which is something between Pokemon and Lucky Charms. (I love definitely-not-Ash's wizard hat. wtf)

And I am working on Between Gears pages now. Don'cha fret.


Matt said...

Wow! You work really big. What're the dimensions of that sheet of paper? And how much ink do you go through in a week? ;)

Great stuff!

Tally said...

That's only 10x15 inches--I'm just holding it in front of my face in the picture.
So far, I'm on my second ink cartridge for that Pentel Color Brush in 4 months, so they seem to last a while.

Pikmon2 said...

ASH IS A WIZARD!!!!!?????

MattGrigsby said...

That pic of your and your inked page is the epitome of cuteness.

MattGrigsby said...

and by "your" I mean "you".