Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cause when the seaweed sinks and the sun gets low, when the waves retire to the darkness below, I know Ruby sees all

I posted a preview of my Emerald City Comicon 'Monsters and Dames' piece earlier on Twitter, but I thought I would post some proper previews here:


Flatted digital image

I like it so far! I'm a little nervous to finish the color, since I've lost confidence in my digital art skills lately, but...I THINK I CAN!!!!!


Bren said...

Your digital art skills are beautiful! Just these flat colours alone are great - the final shadows/highlights/details are just going to push this strip that much further! I believe in you!

The strip is very adorable, btw! Nice work, once again :)

Terry Blas said...

That's so pretty it makes me want to cry.