Friday, January 11, 2013

She's bad and she knows I think that she knows

A few pieces of news:

I was honored to be a guest on The Gnerd Podcast with Terry and Colin last week!  They are two of my favorite people and it was the least stressful interview/recorded thing I have ever done.  It was just like having a nice conversation with two of my brobros; I forgot the mic was there.

I am planning to open up con sketch slots for Emerald City Comicon at the beginning of February.  If you want to make sure that you get one, start thinking now about what you would like!  Be aware--this year I am implementing a couple of changes:
1) My color commissions for the last several years have been in watercolor, but this year I'm moving back to copic markers.  Black-and-white commissions might have some shading with gray copic markers.
2) I'm no longer drawing likenesses ("draw my girlfriend", "draw my son as Magneto"); I will only draw well-known characters (characters I can Google and find images of for reference).  So, for example, I will happily draw Ron Swanson, but I will not draw you pretending to be Ron Swanson.  I won't draw your pets.  Does that make sense?  I love you all, but likenesses stress me out and I don't want to do them this year.
Prices are $50 for black-and-white and $100 for color (and up--it costs more if you want more than 1 character or you have any special requests).  I draw on 300 series Bristol paper, 9"x12".  I will start accepting requests on February 1st via email (Tally at farbeyond dot com).

I made Ben Dewey's list of colleagues and rivals. :P Y'all read Tragedy Series, right?  Right, because you know what's up.

Ben and I were both mentioned on Multiversity's Creators to Watch for in 2013!  I feel like I have to prove them right.  *Puts on breakout boots*

Between Gears made honorable mention on PW Comics World's 2012 Graphic Novel Critics' Poll!

Lastly, have you seen commercials for The Heat?  It looks terrible but I am so in.  Buddy cop films, lady cops, and Melissa McCarthy are three of my favorite things. :P

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