Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's getting hard to be someone, but it all works out

Some new art from this weekend:

Con sketch of Victor from Over the Surface, utilizing my grayscale copic markers.

Con sketch I decided to take home and finish. I'm going to try coloring the line art digitally and coloring the original with watercolor.

Pin-up of Ava I did as a companion piece to a watercolor commission. I like to have an easy piece running alongside commissions, so I can warm up on it before moving to the serious project.


efrain gomez said...

too cool. makes me wanna get those greyscale markers you mention.
i wish i could have been like you when I growed up ;D

keep up the coolness sister

Tally said...

Thanks, efrain!

Yeah, I definitely recommend those Copic markers. They are very bendable and smooth. You've gotta pay an arm and a leg to get a full set of them, though. I only own 4 shades!

Heather Paske said...

Love the linework, spot on!