Monday, April 12, 2010

I'll be there as soon as I can

Here's another preview from Over the Surface 2:
(7 out of 24 pages done!!! Drew 6 of them in 5 days!! WHOOO!)

I don't want to give away so much in these previews that it ruins the comic, but enough that you don't have to go without new art for the next month.

My mom is coming to my thesis defense next month. :) D'aww. <3 As stressed as I am scrambling to finish the art and the paper this month, I am really pretty stoked about my thesis. I have awesome professors on my panel, I was allowed to do exactly what I love in lieu of a very long research paper, and having to do so much work has made me a better artist.

EDIT: from the second page I drew today:

It is a day for drawing my horrified characters, I guess :P