Sunday, February 28, 2010

Too little much too late

Preview of page 10 of Over the Surface:

My schedule for the next 13 days:

Monday: OtS page 11
Tuesday: class and hw
Wednesday: OtS page 12
Thursday: class and hw
Friday: OtS page 13, friend's party
Saturday: OtS page 14, family visiting
Sunday: OtS page 15
Monday: OtS page 16
Tuesday: class and hw
Wednesday: clean up and finish OtS, print and assemble minicomics
Thursday: write 2 finals essays (ahahahahaha...) and then take the bus to Portland
Friday: Drive to Seattle with Emi
Saturday: Emerald City Comicon!!!!!!



Bren said...

You're so organized with your time!! Best of luck with all your projects!! I hope (though I'm sure you will!) you have a blast at Emerald city ComicCon!!

Also, I got your sketchbook yesterday!! It found me safe and sound *^___^* Thank you for your lovely work!! :D

Tally said...

Yaaay! Thanks Bren, you are always so positive and nice to get a comment from :) <3

That seems like quite a wait to get your order! D: I'll try to send international shipments same-day, because that's too long for you to wait...