Monday, February 15, 2010

She burns like the sun

Previews of my pages for The Legend of Larsha: Swings & Slides by Jake Ingman:

If all goes well, Jake will have a minicomic version of this story out at ECCC! Aaaaand back to work I go!


Bren said...

Those eyes! Those eyes are super adorable!! :D <3

Bicyclefish said...

Hi. I happened upon you via Deviant Art where I saw you contributed to Monsters and Dames. I like your style. I volunteer ECCC every year, so hopefully I'll be able to spare some time to pick up a couple things for myself and a friend ( What table will you be at?

Tally said...

@Bren: Thanks! <3

@Bicyclefish: Oh, thank you! :D Please swing by if you can! I'm sharing a table at F-11 :) I'm really excited for the show; it's my first ECCC!