Monday, June 8, 2009

Just a little bit of danger

I'm getting a haircut tomorrow morning, so I'm scrambling to find a style I want to ask for. In the process, I found a picture of Lily Allen that made me pause---who does this remind me of???

Finally got it! She has the same eyes as Anna Tsuchiya from Sakuran!

Guhh, such a good movie. I watched it for extra credit in Japanese literature class this term, and was so glad that I did! The main character is priceless, and the story is so interesting--what goes on behind the stage of courtesan life in the Meiji period. It was very artsy (read: tripping on acid colors, heavy on the metaphors, and high fashion), but I loved it for all of its indulgence. It was also very intimate; it felt like a real person's diary, which I appreciated.

While I'm getting off topic: Oo hoo hoo, how cute are these??
Shirt 1, Shirt 2, Jacket, Skirt
Love me some high-waisted skirt with a tank top or button-up blouse.

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