Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm posting from lecture. :P Bad Tally.

Apparently Pixar's latest short, Partly Cloudy, which runs before UP in theaters, is now available on iTunes! Check it out!! It was hilarious--one of their best. (Except the way they animate kittens...not even close to cute enough...)

Wordpress worked this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 isolated attempts, almost 9 hours of work, 4 calls to customer support, and hundreds of help threads...I hope this tool is the frickin bomb. Most of the issues were server-specific; having 1and1, it's not a one-click install but a long, treacherous road through notepad edits and creating new alteration files within the wordpress directory.


Bren said...

I thought the same thing about those cats!! When they popped up my first thought was "man, that is the freakiest cat ever!"
I really enjoyed the movie, and Partly Cloudy was very clever! During Pixar movies I always find myself thinking "Man, I wish I could be as creative as these people!!" :D :D :D

Tally said...

Hahaha, the cats reminded me of those old Catz computer games!! They were really blocky and awkward... xD;