Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guess I'm doing something right

I drew Wolverine this weekend for the latest Gutters page!  Would you believe this is the first time I have ever drawn him?  Rest assured, it will not be the last.  His character design is great and he is really fun to draw!  Now I know.

In other news, I saw My Neighbors the Yamadas tonight.  It was the last Ghibli movie I hadn't seen, and it was fantastic!  There were several times I was laughing so hard I was embarrassed for myself.

In other other news, this song is fantastic.  So is the new Garbage album and Holy Musical B@man!


Jamie S. Rich said...

When I texted you, I had only seen the tweet of the panel, not the full page. Ooops. You don't know who Freddie Mercury is, do you? XD

Tally said...

Actually I do, because I share a studio with Colleen Coover! XD

Matt said...

Your Wolverine looks incredible. Well done.