Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I went to New York this weekend to visit my friend Heather. Coincidentally, my visit fell on the weekend of New York Comic Con! Thanks to Joe Keatinge and Eric Stephenson, I was able to get a last-minute badge and see the show on Friday and Sunday (THANK YOU).

Between days at the con, Heather and I did as many touristy things as possible:

One of the most fun things that we did was rent bikes and ride around the Central Park loop for 2 hours!

We saw the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday:

Our 17th century creeper friend:

His face is the awesomest.

I like this painting; it reminds me of a shoujo manga face:

The roof of the Met was SOOOO COOL. You can see the NYC skyline and all of Central Park.

And this weirdo art installment was on the roof as well:

We played in it. There were even tours where you could walk up in it along these pathways in the bamboo! Very Where the Wild Things Are.

Daddy, I want a unicorn wine dispenser!!! >:(

I love how these helmets leave room for a wacky nose and mustache. Or a chickenface.


There was much dining/drinking this weekend.

But we also found time to chill at home!

The last thing that Heather and I did on Monday was walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I recommend it!! So pretty!!

And last but not least, look who I saw on the bridge!

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Boaz said...

Sweet! Looks like a fun trip!