Friday, June 25, 2010

Yo soy tu amigo fiel

I wish I could have turned around and walked right back into Toy Story 3 today after it ended. I had ridiculously high expectations thanks to Pixar being Pixar and making many of my favorite movies over the last 15 years, but somehow they blew me away and I fell in love with Toy Story 3.

Oh hay, here's some warm-up arts for you:

Did you want to watch me nerdgasm on the internet? That's over here.

How great is that new Avatar art book, eh?!


Kayla said...

OMG I loved Toy Story 3 tooooo! Wasn't it so amazing? Great animation, touched the heart but also hilarious. I love your avatar sketches! Can't wait for it :)

Tally said...

It blows me away that Pixar can still blow me away after blowing me away so many times already.

...I cried twice last night just thinking back on the movie xD;