Friday, June 4, 2010

Now we can do whatever we want to do

Joy joy joy joy joy. Done with class. Waiting to be assigned my only final -- an at-home essay. Virtually done with college. Yesterday this was stuck in my head all afternoon:

Had a celebratory Senior Week night at Pi Phi, then went out with my roommate and a couple of her friends. Today I am going to be GOOD...stay inside, not spend money, drink lots of water...and draw as long as my head can stand it. @__@
Oh. Jk, I'm going out again tonight. I forgot that there's a Pi Phi group dinner. Augh this week. Good things in excess.


Emily said...

Now that song is stuck in my head...
"What time is it?"
"Summer time! *mumble mumble*"
Worse yet, I don't know a lot of the words, so it's just sort of indistinct mental noise over the music!
But yeah, I've got that feeling...
...although I have to come back in mid-July for the class I screwed up X( Aah well. Should be interesting, and I'll be staying with a friend :)

Tally said...

Oh man! Well, you've got the right attitude about it, and it will be really fun to be in Eugene when the weather is nice and people are more relaxed. :)

Emily said...

Nice weather... <_<
My summer fun includes air conditioning! XD But I'm planning on running lots of fans, misting myself, and wandering about the house in as little clothing as possible... I'll hopefully be up and about before it's really hot, and can run away to a nice public refridgerator for the remainder of the day!