Saturday, August 8, 2009

This ain't no party, this ain't no disco

Poooooll tiiiiime!!

Please answer in comments or sidebar poll: Which do you like better--brush or nib inking?

(nib left, brush right)

(nib top, brush bottom)


Guillaume said...

superbe, ton graphisme est superbe ^^ je suis fan

Bren said...

I think both your ink and nib work are wonderful, and interchanging between the two depending on what kind of story you are telling will really add to the overall tone of the piece. :)

For The Second Witch of Wilheim I think the brush really works. It adds that more dark and mysterious element, setting up a great mood before the reader even gets to know the story. Personally too, I think Delilah looks more dynamic in brushes, since it really works with the type of expressions she makes. :)

Keep up the good work!! :D

Tally said...

Thanks, Bren! This is really helpful. :) <3

Terry Blas said...


Gorgeous! I prefer the brush but think that you should actually use both! To employ both and exploit the beautiful things you can do with them would only make your work better.