Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blog once in a while May: 1

Ah, the end of Blog Every Day April. That was fun. I liked not having to think up post titles for a month.

A Softer World has been one of my favorite sites for almost 4 years. Its sad, funny, and sadistic strips satisfy in a way no other webcomic (can I call it a webcomic?) can. I just bought their new "Mistakes aren't always regrets" T-shirt. So stoked to wear it!! I also like the phrase "A life should have secret plans", but I'm not feeling the shirt design. :-/

Everyone who knows Ms. Shatiya Hamilton knows that she is a great artist. I just...forgot how great she is. I follow her Livejournal, but I only found her Deviant Art last week, and was really blown away all over again looking through her gallery. Check this out! How awesome is that??!

Last night was Barn Dance--the annual spring dance where all the schwastey Pi Phis load onto a school bus and drive out to a barn in the countryside for dancing and fried chicken. (Mmm, friend chicken...I'm hungry... T__T) It was great this year! My roomie Heather set me up with a blind date who was a good sport, and our other roommate Emily brought a nice blind date as well. We played Apples to Apples to help everyone get to know each other and then went out to a large prefunk to make sure we got a chance to see everyone we wanted to before the craziness of the dance. When we finally came home, Heath and I curled up on the couch and watched Sex and the City for a while. May or may not be my next addiction...

And I suddenly have 4 art projects on my hands. Not bad! I love the conceptual stage. Also, my new Rosemary Co. brushes should be coming this week, so expect more practice aaaart~

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