Friday, December 12, 2008

Let's call this 'version 1.0'...

A Room of One's Own was due earlier today! I have a rough, rough version up on Smackjeeves, mostly thumbnails, with a handful of finished pages sprinkled in (and even those were poorly scanned/edited, since the scanner at my house is several inches too small, and I'll have to redo everything digital when I get decent scans back at school). The pages have been going well--I've inked up to 5 pages in a day, and they've been fun to do--but I feel lame about how badly I missed the mark on the deadline. OTL

I'll replace the thumbnails with inked pages as I finish them, and the final version will come in January, when I have access to the big scanners at school and can edit the pages decently. And, of course, I will link it then as well!

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