Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photos from London

So! Pictures from London! 8D My camera died at the beach this summer, but Mary and Molly were great about pulling theirs out when something screamed Kodak moment. These are off Facebook, sorry for the quality.

The tube is the best thing ever. I demand one in every city I visit from here on out! My Oyster card is my favorite souvenir, and I really just don't think that taking the bus will be the same after seeing how easy transportation can be. <3

"England expects that every man will do his duty." You can count on every woman, too!


Soho? Some cool, steeped neighborhood behind Oxford St.

Mary got through probably 5 books. I got through one and a half and called myself lucky.

At 'Pasta Hut'...aka the UK's altered Pizza Hut. As our Polish server laughed conspiratorially, "Yeah, it's like they're trying to make it posh here or something." Think sit-down, Italian restaurant with long-stemmed wine glasses. The pizza was definitely good, though!

Mary being cute for an obligatory telephone booth shot.


Jamie S. Rich said...

"You can count on every woman, too!"

To do what? Face the wrong direction and get it all backwards?! ;)

Tally said...

Que?? 0,0

Jamie S. Rich said...

All the men in the statue are pretty much going to the right, while you, my dear (is that you? it's small) are going to the left. Hence, the fella in the lower left who is leaning down to ask you what the hell you are playing at.

Tally said...

I am a maverick, as they say :3