Monday, November 10, 2008

OOP 6.20 preview

OOP 6.20 preview
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Since the laptop's still out, I figure the best thing to do is get ahead on my penciling and inking. Here's Out of Place chapter 6 page 20, the next page in the story. Inked with pen and nib for a change, which I far prefer to microns when I have the time and patience for it. :P


Made said...

Hi Tally,
I am just here to say that I really like your anime artworks. I find it great that today more and more young women like you do such great comics. The time when I was a student, comic-artists were mainly men :-/

I only find it a bit sad, that such fine art receives not more attention and comments in the web.
Maby you like to take a look at the platform I programmed together with other cartoonists:
Its quite new on the web, but has already over 240 international artist members. Even so we could use more women and especially manga-artists.
I can guarantee you a lot of feedback and new fans :-)

Martin Sander (Made)

Tally said...

Thank you, Made! I took a peek at your site, and it's a great mix of talent. :) I'm reading through some of the stories on it now! I'll think about joining it.