Monday, March 26, 2012

I know it deep in my soul

New fan art for Spirited Away:


This is not actually among my favorite Ghibli movies, although I find it to be beautiful and very fun to watch. I like the characters a lot and laugh at the jokes. The themes of self-discovery, cultural reconnection, and creating your own purpose in life are wonderful. I even cry at that part where Haku and Chihiro are falling! It's know when you can recognize that something is good without actually connecting to it that strongly? It's that for me.
It's probably because I like some of Studio Ghibli's other movies VERY much and they set the bar ridiculously high for me.


Geoff said...

What is your favorite Miyazaki film?

Also I happened to read this just as I also stumbled onto this story about re-imagined Miyazaki poster art -

I'm a big fan of the second Nausicaa poster on there! I'd love to see your take on some poster redesigns!

Tally said...

My favorite is probably Nausicaa. That poster is lovely! I've seen it before, but thanks for sharing--it's definitely worth revisiting.