Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So many dimensions and unanswered questions

Announcing Tally's Summer Movie Initiative!!!

There are a lot of famous and/or beloved movies that for some reason or other I have never seen. In a moment of frustration after yet another 80s action movie reference went over my head here in the studio, I set about making a list of movies I want to watch to fill in some of my pop culture blind spots. Here's the list! I'll continue to add to it as I remember movies from "why the hell haven't you seen that movie" rants. Feel free to make suggestions as well. :)

The Goonies
Godfather (1 and 2)
Scarface (Youtube it)
Donnie Brasco
Steel Magnolias
Jason and the Argonauts
Alien, Aliens
Die Hard (though I'm told I have to wait until Christmas to watch it)
Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Shining (Youtube it)
Spinal Tap
A Mighty Wind
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
The Man Who Would Be King
Pulp Fiction
Inglorious Basterds
Clockwork Orange
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The Rock
Shawshank Redemption
Cool Hand Luke
The Sting
7 Samurai
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Maltese Falcoln
Big Sleep
True Lies
Starship Troopers
Man on Wire
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Death Becomes Her
Can't Buy Me Love
The Wizard
Clerks 1 and 2
Dark City
Surf Ninjas
Blues Brothers

I will watch as many of these as possible over the summer. I reserve the right to go in any order I like and to turn things off if they're just not doing it for me. I will report back on my findings!

Things suggested to me that I actually have seen already:
The Indiana Jones, Jaws, Predator, AVP, Tremors, and Terminator movies
16 Candles
Breakfast Club
The Usual Suspects
A League of Their Own
Back to the Future


Matt said...

The Goonies?! Really? And you can watch Die Hard anytime you want... it's always awesome. There's some solid movies on there. Good luck.

Terry Blas said...

I'd add the following if you haven't seen them:

Death Becomes Her
Sixteen Candles
Can't Buy Me Love
The Breakfast Club

I'd love to have or host an 80's movie night with you sometime. I'd be up for any of those-or Goonies or Bill and Ted's.

MattGrigsby said...

hey Tally! If you're up for cheesy thriller/sci-fi I would check out the first "Tremors" with Kevin Bacon.

Also fun watches:

-The Wizard
-Clerks 1 and 2
-A League of Their Own
-Dark City
-Surf Ninjas

aaaand, maybe more if things come to mind! :)

Molly M. said...

Seconding Bill and Ted (so much love!) and Tremors. Love both of those! And you know we're having a Sherlock day because it is my favorite tv show of all time and it needs to be as widely spread as possible. :D

Terry Blas said...

So Colin and I think you and Molly should join us for any of the following:

Bill and Ted's
Death Becomes Her
FAQ About Time Travel (which we have)

Have you seen BACK TO THE FUTURE!
If not, add that right away!

Molly M. said...

Oh! I'm down with Terry's idea! Let's do it!!

Anonymous said...

The Blues Brothers. Talk about required viewing: they're on a mission from God. To put the band back together. Also, shit blows up far more often than in most musicals.