Sunday, November 21, 2010

Give me something to sing about

Buffy: Season 6 highlights! Again, spoilers, so beware. Spoiler notes below!

Okay, so apparently, "Shut up, Dawn!" is what people shouted at the sing-a-long screenings of OMWF at that part. xD I had no idea before I drew that; that's just exactly what I was thinking when it happened.
Dawn got a lot better this season. Losing Buffy made her grow up a lot and shake a bit of the self-centeredness that drove me crazy last season. She even staked and kicked! And when she finally hoisted a sword and lopped a demon's head off, she joined the club IMO. Plus, the speech that Buffy gave her in Grave was so touching! If she's the key to Buffy wanting to live, she's okay by me.


Erika Moen said...

Oh wow, you really, really nailed Buffy on the third page! I mean, all your drawings look good, of course, but that particular one really popped for me. I'd love to see you drawing the DH Buffy comics!

Tally said...

Thanks, Erika! :D I paused that scene and drew her from reference.
Man, it would be so fun to work on the Buffy comics now that I get the world and characters! I want to read them after finishing season 7.