Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I wanna fly away

Green Lantern commission:

Such a great character design. Same with Green Arrow. I love it when a character can both look cool and be easy to draw. :P

Yesterday, I showed my roommate Hannah the Green Arrow commission.
Me: "I don't draw men that often...but that looks man-like, right?"
Hannah: "I didn't realize until right now, but you really don't draw men, do you? Like, never."
Me: "I really don't. I'm trying this new thing where I draw both genders."


efrain gomez said...

Cool! Yay for equally-drawn genders! ;D

Is it inappropriate to ask how much you normally charge for a commission like the Green Lantern and Arrow? I'm an artist who is always wondering about that, and would like to have a ballpark base.

Tally said...

I don't mind. :)

This was one of the 5 commissions that I took in this post: http://tally-art.blogspot.com/2010/08/yeah-its-alright-its-just-matter-of.html

They were each $30 commissions that would normally cost $50.