Friday, May 7, 2010

You put soul inside your shattered heart

Here's a pin-up I made for the 4th volume of Return to Labyrinth, coming out this August:

David Bowie, you are ridiculously fun to draw. Jennifer Connelly, it's a little weird because you look like my mom.

I watched Labyrinth yesterday before beginning this, and realized that I actually had seen it before, but hadn't remembered. I must have been at a friend's house, half-watching and half-playing something else, because it's an extremely fuzzy memory. What a fun movie,though!

Know what else was a fun movie? IRONMAN 2. Expect fan art. <3


Rachel has webcomics! said...

There's a MILF joke somewhere in this blog, but I am too classy to make it.

But not classy enough to not point it out.

J.A. Wynn said...

ii desu yo! I like this! I just stumbled across your blog. I can't wait to see the IRONMAN 2 stuff.

Bren said...

Lovely Labyrinth artwork <3 Watching this movie and the Neverending story are actually some of my earliest memories... No wonder I grew up to be so strange!! :D